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So, understand the process
When someone logs into Gmail (or any other login service), a file called a “cookie” is sent to their computer. This cookie allows the user to stay logged in, even if they leave Gmail. A packet sniffer can find cookies being transferred over a wireless network. When you find a Gmail cookie, you can open it on your computer and potentially access your target’s inbox. So, you’ll have to connect to the same wireless network as your target.
!. Download and install Wireshark.
Wireshark is a free network monitoring utility that you can download from It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Installing Wireshark is a straightforward process. Follow the prompts like you would with most programs.

2. Download Cookie Cadger.
This is a Java program that will find and intercept cookies being sent across the wireless network. You are not required to install Cookie Cadger because It works the same in every operating system.
3. Connect to the same wireless network as your target is connected to.
So, you’ll have to connect to the same wireless network as your target. This means you’ll need to be close.

4. Launch Wireshark.
Wireshark will need to be running in order for Cookie Cadger to work. 
5. Run Cookie Cadger and select your wireless adapter.
Select the adapter connected to the wireless network from the drop-down menu. You should see the mainframe populate with unsecured cookies from other people using the network.
6. Use the domain filter to find Google cookies.
The second column will display a list of domains that Cookie Cadger is finding cookies for. Look for Google domains, particularly

7. Click “Replay This Request” when you’ve found a Gmail cookie.
This will load the cookie into your own web browser. But the right cookie will take you directly to the target’s inbox. BINGO now you got access to your victim’s email address.
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Credit: Technical Navigator

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