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How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with

In the previous post I tell that make your own website for free. If you are visiting 1st time in our website please read “How to Create a Blog/Website, Beginner Guide”   to make a website for free.  Blogger is a product of Google that gives a opportunity to make a free website but it doesn't mean you can use your website there. Your free website comes with sub-domain name like

I will tell you that what is sub-domain? When you buy a custom domain name and by using this domain, you can make many sub-domain like our domain name is and our sub-domain is and, etc

Benefit of using the custom domain name

Use of custom domain name have many benefits. If You think that gives us a free domain then why we need custom domain name. Let see what is benefit of custom domain name in your Free website:-

Professional Look:  A sub-domain is very big like and very difficult to remember or if Your domain name is then it is short and easy to remember which gives a professional look. you can also make a professional email address like

Alexa Ranking: If your domain name is and if anyone open your website then it will open like or like this in America, It is visible or like this in Pakistan then it visible that results in decrease your Alexa Rank.

Search Ranking: If anyone search on Google that have your website name or URL then most of people don't visit on your website that resulting in decreasing your website rank.

Adsense Approval: setup of custom domain name doesn't affect your website, you may get Adsense approved because both Adsense and blogger are the product of Google, so may get Adsense approved but If your website have setup of custom domain name then it increases the chance to get Adsense approved.

How to add custom domain name in your website

It is very easy to setup custom domain name. if you have any free blog and want to setup the custom domain name then follow the steps:-

To setup a custom domain name then you need a domain. If you don't have any custom domain then you can buy from or Today I will tell you how to set up a custom domain name from

 To setup custom domain name with your website then follow the steps given below:-

Step 1:-  Firstly open the then login with your Gmail account

Step 2:- Open the blog in which you want to set up a custom domain, then Open                           Settings >> click on Basic

Step 3:-  At the bottom of the address of your , click on + Set up a third-party URL.

Step 4:- Now enter the custom domain name which you buy from then                 click on save button

Step 5:-  when you click on save button it show error message that is “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 14“.  it means you can't set the domain DNS.  you get 2 CNAMEs record at the bottom of your custom domain name in your website  which you need add on your domain

Step 6:-  you can add these CNAMEs In two method

              1) By set the CNAMEs in your domain
              2) By download DNS settings file and import on GoDaddy

Step 6:- 2nd method is easy because Godaddy support DNS file uploads which helps you to easily setup a custom domain name. To download the DNS Settings FILE (see on image below), Now you downloaded the DNS Settings FILE and it's time to learn how to upload DNS settings file below:-

Open >> login with your account

  1. Click on profile >> Manage My Domain 
  2. After opening the next page click on Manage
  3. Select the domain >>  open DNS Zone FILE >> More >> Import Zone FILE
  4. Now upload the downloaded DNS Settings FILE
  5. Then Click on save button
  6. Now you see the message  "Records not containing errors have been successfully saved." It means DNS Settings FILE is uploaded properly

Step 7:- Open your website >> click on save button

Now custom domain name is setup and you see there like in image below:-

You want to redirect your website without www then tick on Redirect, after tick on Redirect your website is properly open with both "www and without www." So friends you see that it is very easy to setup a custom domain name.

If you have any questions or have problems at any step. Please tell me on comments, I will try to solve your problem.

Thanks For Reading and All the Best for your website

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You will need an valid gmail account already for this trick i'm going to say that my gmail account is this as an example:

● After you already have a valid gmail account you will need to go to this site:

● When you in that site you going to want to put the username of your valid gmail account for example mine will be masonhayes7321 without put that in the generator
(Just put your valid gmail on that site and click generate)

● The site will generate tons of mails you want to use those gmails for anything you need and you will receive the messages on your valid email

All the messages people send to those generated emails i will receive it on my valid email that it is so copy any of those generated email from the site and you will receive the email message on your valid gmail