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15 Amazing Android Apps You Wouldn’t Find on Google Play Store

For Android users, we are here with some Best Android Apps which are not available on Play Store. These apps can fully customize your Android and make it More user-friendly. Go through the post to discover the apps.

Today there are many apps that are developed for Android device and many are still getting developed. Today you will get awesome apps that can fully customize your Android and make it user-friendly. Normally user gets the apps from Google Play Store, but there are also so many cool apps that are outside this store that you might not know. And we are here with those best apps that you will love to try in your Android.

15 Best Android Apps Not On Play Store

So we have stated 15 apps that are not available in Google Play store but are really very good. And using these apps, you will have great experience in your Android device. So have a look on these apps below.

This one the popular apps among Android apps patcher. This is one of the best apps that will let you hack Android apps and modify them according to your wish. This app allows you to hack games and lots more. So must try out this cool app that is not on Play Store and can be downloaded from the link given above.

#2 VideoMix

This is the best app that will let you stream videos, TV shows and lots more for free of cost. Also, there will be no need to sign up etc in this app, just open the app search out your favorite media and start streaming.

#3 Blackmart Alpha

The app well known as a black market provides you all the cool apps for free of cost. The apps that are paid on Google Play store are available at free of cost there.Also in this app, you will get the apk file instead of the installed file.

#4 Amazon App Store

The giant shopping network has their app store too, where you can find a huge collection of free apps that you may not get in the Google Play store that is why it is also known as the best alternative to Google Play Store. Must try out this app on your device.

#5 Tubemate

In Google Play Store, you will find lots of apps to download Youtube video for free but no one is competing with this app as this is one of the best choice or apps to download Youtube videos on your android device with high download rate.

#6 Media river

The one of the best app that you will love to have in which you can search and download quickly music, books, Android apps, wallpaper from your Android. So must give a try to this app and have great new experience.

#7 X-posed framework

The best tool for your rooted Android that has a capability to fully customize your Android looks according to you. There you will find lots of modules and frames that you will love to try on your Android device without interfering with apps.

#8 LMT Launcher

For an Android user who always tries new launchers to customize their Android look, this app is the best choice. This app offers a detachable menu, which opens into a fan shape and offers shortcuts. To open this menu, simply swipe from any edge of the screen toward the center in it.

#9 ChromePie Xposed

You can add customisable Pie Controls to Google Chrome, Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev like Back, forward, refresh, new tab, new incognito tab, close tab. It also features Customise trigger positions, trigger area size and pie menu size and it dynamically changes colour to match the web page theme colour.

#10 Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle Android app is an easy way to install the games you’ve purchased. In addition, it sends you automatic notifications when updates are available for your installed games. The money you pay gets divvied up between charities, the developers and the website.

#11 Transdroid

Transdroid allows you to get full control over your remote running torrent client. Transdroid currently has native support for some of the popular torrent sites like ExtraTorrent, Kickass Torrents, Lime Torrents. Therefore, make sure to grab the Transdroid APK but be aware of the laws surrounding torrenting in your country.


MiXplorer (Mix of Explorers) is a fast, smooth, beautiful, reliable and fully-featured file manager with a simple and intuitive user interface. This app has no ads, is and will always remain completely free. It is Easily theme with customization option which lets you select any color you like and it had Powerful Text Editor.

#13 F-droid

15 Amazing Android Apps You Wouldn’t Find on Google Play Store
F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device. It is a healthy opponent of Google Play store.

#14 Adaway

An ad blocker that uses the host’s file. The host’s file contains a list of mappings between hostnames and IP addresses. When an app requests an ad, that request is directed to which does nothing. There are options to run a web server to respond to blocked hostnames and to direct requests to the IP address of your choosing.

#15 Mango

Mango is a free manga (Japanese comics) reader app for Android and BlackBerry. Mango lets you read any title from the huge library of over 9,000 fan-translated manga scanlations right through your phone’s 3G or WiFi internet connection.
Time to explore out of Play Store and try out the Best Android Apps You Wouldn’t Find On Play Store. With these apps, you will have the great experience and these are extremely useful that you will love to have them in your Android. Hope you like the apps listed above, Share it with others too.
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