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Exciting and unique features of new Android Nougat

Android N, the latest version of Android operating system are going to be released with many new update Android 7 developer put their hearts into this version of Android

Let's know Android 8 feature


You can rus two app in single display on side by side. firstly this feature come in Android marshmallow but they cannot give this feature's. This was not only for tablet also for mobile.

Quicker reboot

After update, it will help you to better performance of your smartphone. it implies best management of ram and after quick update of your app, it will quickly reboot.

Reply from notification

Now you can reply from notification. If anyone will message you, so you can reply from notification.

Project svelte and doze

These are two important features which is also launch in Android marshmallow. In marshmallow, it extends your battery life while your phone is switched off but in Nougat, it extends your battery life even when your  screen is locked. this is great news for us.


New features is that you can screen zoom as part of looking good. New version of Android operating system has all the accessibility which is given in the previous version of Android operating system like smart gesture, display size, font size, Google TalkBack etc.

DATA saver

No one wants their data empty before the validity of data pack. when you on data saver mode, it will not allow app to use restricted data in background. DATA use only when you open the will also select app which you want to use data in background.

Direct Boot

When you switch on the mobile, It will open your mobile into two windows, can do multi task of any app like messages, alarm, calendar, FM radio etc.

Picture-in-Picture as well as tv recording

This feature's make your phone smart with operating system. you can pause, play, recording the tv program in your mobile with this feature's

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